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This method you need to INVEST in Bitcoin (BTC). There is no minimum and no maximum invest amount! It’s clear that with higher invest the more you will earn DopeCoins. How it works? You can rent RIGS (machines to mining) only via Bitcoin. There are alot of offers from small miners to huge server farms. You need to calculate if price for rent is profitable ( PRICE for RIG/CoinProfit). Everything depend from difficulty, from Your Mining power, price of coin and/or price of BTC. I will explain this on my REAL INVEST.

Just be sure that you have BTC to INVEST. BetaRigs offers you at the moment the best options to start cloud mining! They are trusted, fast, and profitable.

I put in 0.35BTC into investment for a total for 12 hours of 2 others rigs (You can rent how much, for how long You want)

On this investment I put 0.35 BTC Total for 12 hours of 2 others rings (You can rent how much, for how long You want)


1. Be sure that Your PAYMENT FOR RIG IS VALID  ( just add FEE to your sending amount because if you send to small You can lose Your BTC!) [Usually 2% or 0.0002 BTC more ]

2. Transactions take time! Sending-Start mining = approx. 30 min.

3. Use VALID POOL INFORMATION (stratum, url , port, worker id and worker password)

OK Letīs GO! [Follow these steps:]

Click on image below!

Log in with YOUR DETAILS!

Click on RENT A RIG [on right top]

Now you have all your RIGS for rent, ordered by Price/Mh/day. Now depending on if you want to rent BIG POWER or SMALLER POWER of mining. I told you I write this tutorial based on my investment so than we go to SEARCH FILTERS and check for FARMS (more than 5MH/s).

Now again depends how much you want invest. I have 0.35btc to spend for rigs of 12 MH/S mining.  With my calculation, you can rent about 45MH/S but at the moment there is no one seller with this amount ready to rent. Ok so we go buy 2 rigs.  One will be 30MH/S and second one about 15Mh/S. ( everyone thinks it depends on price per MH/S)

When it’s your first time you should just spend some time to calculate price, but next time you need to be fast because mostly rigs which are on top and it shows ready for rent in few seconds are rented! (big traffic here because of those ).

OK we have one. Click Rent Now

Read INFORMATION ABOUT SELLER (if he is trusted or not and which kind of hardware you plan on renting)

In this window claim your mining time (For how long you want rent rig)
Typically , long term rents are with lower price usually.

We will choose 12 hours.

Click Confirm Order
You should have ORDER PAYMENT SITE.   From there just follow the steps!

DONīT FORGET TO ADD FEE WHEN YOU ARE SENDING BITCOINS! The owner need to get his amount of Bitcoin. - DONīT FAIL THERE!

IF you send VALID AMOUNT TO VALID ADRESS You can just Click MY RIGS(left top on website) It should be similar to this:

Now Open next TAB and go to Your OFFICIAL WORLDPEACE POOL

Register New account and New worker.

If everything goes fine You can come back to your website.

Now we go to set up rigs with Your WorldPeace Official Pool

Pool URL: stratum+tcp://poolname:PORT
Pool Worker Name: YourNickName.WorkerName (ex. CryptoBrother.Tutorial) yes after Your NICKNAME FROM OFFICIAL WORLDPEACE POOL is dat (.)
Pool Worker Password: Password for Worker from Your OFFICIAL WorldPeace Pool POOL

it should be like this:

stratum+tcp://pooladress:PORT - URL
CryptoBrother.Tutorial - LOGIN
Tutorial - PWD

Click Mass-update pool credentials.

Now Log in to Your OFFICIAL WORLDPEACECOIN POOL and wait for Your Power!

Thatīs all!
If You spend more time on You can find even more MH/S if they offer for sale. I should have about 44MH/S and almost all the time i have this:D

Start mining with Us on OFFICIAL WorldPeaceCoin POOL via - The best Cloud Mining for ALTCOINS!

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