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[ WPC ] WorldPeaceCoin is looking for a community effort ! WORLD AWARD SYSTEM

- - About:

The graphics are your hobbies? Maybe You like write articles and news?
You've come to the best place on the web ! WPC is proud to present to you the World Awads system .

Awards can be obtained only through the Addition of the community and knowledge in this category.

Table of subsequent awards:

- Reporter

If you have a blog , a forum , you are affiliated with Crypto Currency in any way you can easily capturing the prize Reporter . Look here for more information.

-- Graphic

Many projects and ideas before us something we paint a friendly world. To Apply for a reward Graphic click the link below and submit your application.

-- Writter

A lot of reading or writing? maybe it's a good time to create articles has the purpose for WPC in exchange for awards ? Try and certainly not regret it ! Click and Make poetic application here:

-- Manager

The marketing section is open! Do you spend a lot of time on the Twitter ? There is no problem but follow it to us and get the prizes ! Reply to this topic:

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